Recruiting@Liip – what happens when you apply for a job with us

  • Annina von Planta

Are you interested in working with us? Or are you just curious what recruitment looks like in a self-organised company? We are happy to give you an insight into Recruiting@Liip!

In our recruitment process the team decides

Yes, really: it isn't managers or HR leaders that decide which positions to recruit for. At Liip, the team initiates the process of filling a vacancy. In a self-organised structure such as Holacracy, there are no staff or budget planning processes defining how many new positions can be filled each year and what financial conditions have to be met. Instead, the team decides if they want to continue growing organically and if they have enough projects to appoint a new team member. Of course, by taking this decision, the team is accepting significant entrepreneurial responsibility.

We want to get to know you

The first interview is usually with a team member and an recruiter. During the second interview, you will meet even more potential colleagues in ‘speed-dating’ sessions or in one personal conversation. These may be members of your future core team, or people from other teams. I found meeting so many people during the recruitment process very useful, as it gave me a deeper insight into the culture and people that make Liip what it is. Making it easier for me to decide if working at Liip was the right choice for me.

For this purpose, all Liipers involved in the interviews are given access to see your application documents. As you will discover time and again, we live transparency. But don’t worry – we will ask for your permission before sharing your application document with the relevant Liipers. And you are guaranteed to receive a reply to your application within 2-3 weeks. It is important to us that a) you meet as many of the people you will be working with as possible, and b) Liipers have an opportunity to get to know you. Ultimately, all the Liipers you met will decide whether they can imagine working with you. And of course, you get to decide whether you want to join the Liip team.

Wage transparency is key

One of our principles is ‘open over closed’. Wherever possible, we share information transparently– and yes, our understanding of transparency most likely goes further than what you have previously been used to. Our salary system is also built on transparency: we all know how much everyone else earns. To make this work, we have developed a salary process that we think is one of the fairest around.

And now the good news for you: there will be no laborious salary negotiations where you have to sell yourself and your ego. Instead, we calculate your salary based on your particular experience and education. In addition, the Liipers that met you during the interview process will assess your social skills, which are another key part of the salary calculation. Based on all this, you will receive a specific and individual salary offer from the recruiter after your interviews. And, of course, we hope that you will be happy with it!

What counts is who you really are

Let's say this upfront: you should come to your interview wearing whatever you feel most comfortable in. So you can be confident about leaving your suit or two-piece outfit at home. We aren’t looking for a sales pitch. Our aim is to find out if you are a good match for our culture and our team. We want to get to know you as a person, including your personality and all the experience you have to offer. And, of course, we are interested to see how you can use your skills at Liip and help us move forward as an organisation.

For us, it's important that the interview is on equal terms. We won’t ask you stressful questions such as ‘What three positive characteristics are you lacking?’ that back you into a corner to see how you will make your way back out again.
An insider's tip for you: just be yourself and show us all your different facets.

I would say that sounds like the beginnings of a fairly relaxed chat, wouldn't you?

The application process in detail

  1. We review your application documents and giving you a feedback
  2. First interview with a team member and the Recruiter
    Duration: 1.5 to 2 hours
  3. Second interview with other Liipers (team members and other people you will be working with closely)
    Duration: 2 hours (6 x 20 minute, 4 x 30 minute ‘speed dates’ or one meeting with a couple of Liipers)
  4. Potential further conversations with the team about expert topics and knowledge.
  5. Salary offer sent
  6. Sign contract

So, now we have told you some of our secrets. We look forward to meeting you, have a look at our current open positions. Do you still have questions? Then feel free to contact one of our recruiter.

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