Digital services that your users will love. You as well.

Exciting digital services and successful business cases do not come by chance. With Service Design we support you with a sound approach - from the idea to the implementation.

Together we define your goals, analyze the needs of your users and formulate a vision. In workshops we develop strategies and ideas to implement the vision. In addition to customer requirements we also focus on your internal users, processes and systems. We develop prototypes for the best ideas that we validate together with your users. In this way, we constantly improve the quality of your solution and gain real data to steer your project. Beside you get well-founded arguments to convince your stakeholders.

With the first Go-Live, the new solution has arrived in the market and in reality. For us this is the starting point for the continuous development. We continue to collect customer and user feedback, analyze live data to optimize the product to provide the best possible service to your customers.

Joscha Jenni
Product Owner, Business Developer

Service Design Workshops

In co-creation workshops, we develop ideas for your digital services, test them and design your business case.

Service Design Sprint

In two to four weeks, we will work out the prerequisites to get started in the project - from the functioning product idea through prototypes to technical clarifications and the Product Backlog.


Would you like more customer focus in the field of digitization? We will go on the way together with you.

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