The challenge

The biggest challenge was to digitally enable a meeting scenario that was as natural as possible. Eye contact and attentive listening shown by client advisors are factors that are equally important as being able to speak freely with the client. This had to be taken into account when digitalising client meetings. It is not an option to have client advisors constantly looking at their screen or typing away. An audio or video recording of an entire client meeting was also out of question.

The solution

To solve the problem, we analysed real meetings. For the digitalisation process, we concentrated on the most essential parts of the meeting: the answers given by the client and the agreements made. Clients understand that the advisor will take notes, but having an open laptop between the client and the advisor creates a barrier between them. We therefore changed two parameters while developing the software:

  1. Reduced entry time of recordingse: recording an answer is now just one mouse click away. This massively reduces the time spent on the laptop because no keywords or sentences have to be entered.
  2. Keeping the client’s attention: the problem with typing answers was that clients were excluded during this time. Meaning, they had to wait; time to get bored or distracted.

The meeting, including the connection between the client and the advisor, should not be interrupted. For this reason, we enable the client to follow along with what is being recorded in keywords on a screen. This avoids unnatural interruptions to the meeting and offers transparency. This is a key point for both the client advisors and the customer-oriented regional bank.

Further requirements

In addition to the digital recording and entry of parts of the meeting, the software also satisfies numerous other requirements. Support for the client advisors in all areas was requested. That is why the software offers a meeting agenda. It can be configured individually and used as a reminder. The client advisor only needs one glance at the software during the meeting to see what topics still need to be discussed.


To enable the listener to concentrate better on what is going on, we used visualisations. The client advisor links what is being said with memorable images. This is helpful when trying to understand complex content. Previously, brochures or quick sketches were used. Now, everything is in one place and just a click away. To make meetings as engaging as possible, we developed animated illustrations using a unique technology. These animations put a smile on the customers' faces and create a relaxed, conversational atmosphere. Despite digitalisation, the small animations charmingly convey closeness and humanity.