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  • Patrick Retornaz

Houston works intuitively and is user-friendly for drivers. How does the world of transport use VoIP?

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Communication is vital. Every member of your organisation needs to be able to communicate within their working environment as easily and effectively as possible:

  • the operations centre, which has an overview of all bus driver postings and vehicles used on the transport network;
  • vehicles out on the road;
  • operations management who monitor or anticipate certain situations;
  • the people in charge of events, such as event organisers or the police.

Operations centre

Houston Connect incorporates your operational and geolocation information to improve your communications thanks to internet telephony (VoIP). Houston Connect enables its users to place targeted calls, emergency calls and calls based on geolocation in just a few clicks. Houston Connect offers security. Emergency calls are automatically recorded. And thanks to the system's GPS function, the location of all vehicles is known at all times.

Vehicle app

When needing to convey information, your employees cannot afford to waste time repeating themselves or waiting for a vehicle to come within range. Houston Connect offers improved network coverage and better audio quality compared to radio. The app is easy to navigate due to the combination of audio feedback and intuitive design. Houston Connect is compliant with the Road Traffic Act.

Mobile app

Driver or vehicle changes are part of daily life at a transport company, and not a day goes by without something unexpected happening. A temporary communication group can easily be set up for exceptional circumstances. External users, such as event organisers or the police, can also be incorporated into communication flows.

What functionality does Houston Connect offer for transport companies?

Houston Connect is a Voice over IP solution. Houston Connect enables communication between various different user types, such as the operations centre, operations management staff and drivers. The main functions of the Houston Connect system are:

Individual and team communication

Contact a user or user group easily via VoIP calls. The groups are taken from your existing operational support system or can be created as required when communication is established.

Emergency VoIP calls

The operations centre for the vehicle fleet immediately knows the GPS position of the user sending an emergency signal. Emergency calls are given priority and are automatically recorded.


With the GPS function of the Houston Connect software, the location of each vehicle can be determined at any time.

What does Houston Connect look like?

The ergonomics of Houston Connect are tailored to its users. This mobile app-based communication system is compliant with the Road Traffic Act.

image about the map and how it looks

Thanks to its API (application programming interface), Houston can be easily integrated into your company operating environment. It regularly receives planning data. Coupled with the GPS function, this enables Houston Connect to identify which line a driver is working on and which bus they are operating. Android Enterprise is used for device control.

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