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Using workshops, analyses and audits we provide you with concrete solutions in our areas of expertise.

There are several steps leading to the success of any project and many elements to the optimisation of your digital strategy. Whether in defining your objectives, identifying blockers or priorities, or responding to a specific technical question, you will benefit from our expertise. After ten years and with experience of around 200 projects, we can offer you tailor-made solutions, whatever stage you are at in your project and whatever the type of challenges you face.  

Strategic workshop

Do you need to stimulate innovation in your company? Or to prioritise the steps you need to take to succeed? 
In our strategic workshops we bring your business objectives to life and relate them to your users’ needs.  Based on the behaviours you want from your target groups, you will identify performance indicators and clarify the scope of your project.


Checking your website allows you to avoid security breaches. We carry out an audit as a basis for our advice, including on how to avoid the theft of sensitive data stored on the site, the alteration of pages, and any intrusion into protected areas.

Ergonomic audit

An ergonomic audit is easy to do and can be carried out on any device (computers, tablets, smartphones, GPS, connected objects) or at the development stage. One of our UX experts puts himself into the place of your users and carries out the actions that they have to take. He inspects each page of the interface, identifies blockers and offers you solutions to improve your customers’ experience.
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Analyse the success of your business, relatively to you criteria of productivity. You will then be able to make targeted changes at any time and manage the return from you investments in online channels. Use feedback to enable you to modify your strategies to meet your objectives.
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Do not lose potential clients because your website is too slow! We can do an online test and deploy our expertise to produce recommendations on key points to improve.

User tests

We can target users of your product or service, interview them and observe their behaviours, in order to identify any difficulties in the user experience. A user test will identify the factors preventing an optimum experience of your service. Resolving these difficulties will enable a sustainable increase in your conversion rate.
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Accessibility and readability

We assess your internet (or mobile) site and provide you with a full report on the priority improvements required to obtain recommended certificates of accessibility and readability. We carry out standard tests

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