One.Thing.Less goes live!

  • Thomas Botton

One.Thing.Less went live on Friday 25.05.2018. Finally an app to regain control over the use of your personal data made for you and me, not only law scholars. Download it now!

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Making privacy and data protection actionable by anyone

You surely received many companies’ emails about your data privacy during last weeks. That’s due to the new European law (called GDPR for General Data Protection Regulation) that became enforceable on the 25th of May 2018.
This is a major step towards a more responsible usage of personal data by companies, as you can now request information on how your data is being used, and ask to change it.

Nevertheless, as James Aschberger (Founder & CEO of One.Thing.Less AG) noticed, many people didn’t understand how they can concretely claim their rights using this new regulation.

"It’s overwhelming, where do I even start?"

"I am worried about my data, but I don’t have the time or knowledge to contact companies individually or read through all the privacy policies and terms of use they put in front of me."

"I receive so many messages regarding data privacy, but I don’t understand all of it and don’t have time to read the fine print."

There is an app for that now

We at Liip have worked hard during the past four months to make the One.Thing.Less dream of James happen — a free and simple way to take control over the use of your personal data.

You can now download the app on the Apple App Store (and in June on Google Play for Android) and make your voice heard by companies.

One.Thing.Less mobile app Homescreen
_One.Thing.Less mobile app Homescreen_

Keep It Simple, Stupid (aka KISS)

When James first came to us, he made it clear that the User Experience had to be simple. That was one of our main challenge: solve this complex legal problem via one click.

This is what we did.

Ask companies about the use of your personal data, in one tap.
_Ask companies about the use of your personal data, in one tap._

On the above view, you can just press the “Send request” to ask a company seven (simple) questions about the use of your personal data. Companies have to provide a response within 30 days under GDPR.

Then you can request them to change how they make use of your personal data, still one click away.

Change the way companies use your personal data.
_Change the way companies use your personal data_

A trustful partnership

We can’t stop talking about trust here at Liip, as we believe that’s one of the core element of successful products and companies.
This project was a great example of how one of our mottos “Trust over control” can lead to extraordinary results, in less than four months.

"Successfully launching our platform in such a short time was only possible because we established and earned mutual trust along the entire journey together. If I had not been able to trust that each of the Liip team members delivers, we would have failed." James Aschberger, Founder & CEO at One.Thing.Less AG

"It was a chance to craft such a meaningful product, in a trustful and solution-oriented partnership." Thomas Botton, Product Owner at Liip

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