Getting answers to questions of a legal nature is not easy. You either have to contact a lawyer or use online legal support services, which offer all kinds of answers to different everyday legal topics in the form of articles, FAQs, or even telephone hotlines. One of those services is lex4you, created by Touring Club Suisse. It covers a wide range of subjects, such as work, consumption, traffic, health or even family.

Online legal advice thanks to ChatGPT

That was then… Now you have lex4youGPT, a new ChatGPT-based solution offered by lex4you, that we were delighted to develop and integrate. It allows internet users to ask questions directly and receive an instant answer, sourced from and based on the content supplied on the website Lex4you and TCS Job Assistance.
Here are a few sample questions and their answers (in French):

But the easiest way to find out is by asking your own question. As you can see, once you have received an answer to your first question, you can ask the same question again using the beta version (requesting an answer providing more context).

Moving towards personalised online legal support

Lex4you was already offering wide-ranging resources, including a tool classifying resources by legal topics, a forum and a paid telephone line. But lex4youGPT, a free service, makes it easy for anyone to obtain an answer to their legal questions quickly. The answer provided is much more than just a collection of relevant links and is more akin to an answer given by a legal expert. Without replacing legal advice, lex4youGPT bases its answers solely on the content of its own website, not Switzerland’s set of legislative texts.

This AI-based chatbot for improved legal support is the logical continuation of the work conducted on the tools ZurichGPT, LausanneGPT and GenevaGPT, which enable internet users to find answers to questions about Zurich, Lausanne or Geneva, drawing on the content of the pages and documents attached to the relevant websites.

Although administrative websites often contain a large amount of information, their structure and search functions are not always ideal. Using ChatGPT, therefore, makes information of public interest more accessible. Here is how we did it for lex4youGPT.