Web developer is a dream job? One week to discover

  • Matthieu Cornut

We welcomed Baptiste, 14 years, in our Lausanne Office. One week of “trial internship” to understand what it is to be a dev.  What could I teach him in such a short time? Read this post to discover what I organised for him and how it went.

Dev step by step

Baptiste was visiting us to discover the different facets of our job, in view to better know what he wants to do later. This week was a professional orientation internship. Taking this issue very seriously, I have given much thoughts on how to prepare a broad, dense and accessible program.

Day #1 – getting used to it

One week felt really short to summarise what my job as a dev consists of. I decided to go step by step. I wanted him to feel welcomed and comfortable. The first day was about presenting what is a web application project and how we are organized at Liip to realize a project. I introduced him to each team member and presented what him what they do. Then I gave him a lesson on the web basics, starting from scratch. A lot of information this day.

Project conception

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