Personal growth as the goal

  • Adrian Schlegel

KOMPRA enables coaches’, students’ and employees’ skills to be evaluated using both self-assessment and external assessment, and then presented in visual form. KOMPRA’s digital processing of these values ensures you can continually monitor and further your progress.

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However old you are, you never stop learning. And KOMPRA offers the ideal way to display the progress of your skills development. This means that the goals set are constantly reviewed, and developmental progress is clearly visible thanks to visualisations. Users are encouraged to reflect on their skills and goals, ensuring they can meaningfully evaluate their own career path. Certificates of competence are regularly updated to confirm individual skills and talents.

Easy operation, clear presentation

Central to the KOMPRA project is clear user navigation and easy operation. The data is visualised simply and consistently to ensure that the goals set and assessments made can be seen at a glance. Different colours enhance the presentation, e.g. to show the user's current progress or their skills development as a longitudinal diagram. Additional functions such as bookmarking make it easier to record skills assessments. Various keys and a user support team are there to offer assistance should any questions arise.

Made in Switzerland

KOMPRA was made in Switzerland, for Switzerland. Its development was headed by the St. Gallen University of Teacher Education in its role as a Swiss institution for training, further education, services and research. A high degree of autonomy is important to the Swiss, so all of the data stored in KOMPRA belongs to its users, who can manage access permissions themselves.

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