The digital campaign to close the gaps

  • Jonathan Noack

elleXX is more than just financial products for women. A multimedia campaign was launched in autumn 2021 with the website elleXX is seeking to become a movement with a mission to ‘close the gaps’.

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The new financial solution for women

elleXX is new, surprising, and shakes things up. Today, financial knowledge is often not appealingly presented, and is neither tailored to women nor made easy to understand. elleXX is changing this with modern storytelling and language tailored to the target audience. The website is also a news platform, with new articles published daily. But the movement contains much more. The topic of finance is being tackled across multiple channels.

The focus is on people and topics, often left out of conventional platforms or media articles. elleXX is also going a step further in building its own community. Memberships enable users to become part of the community, actively provide feedback, or get involved in campaigns on social media. This supports content production and the mission to ‘close the gaps’. They also receive exclusive content and discounts on events. In addition to the free newsletter and the membership area, targeted partnerships with financial institutions enable the offering of exclusive products.

The product

Users receive active support, from the website to the newsletter to membership. They have different entry points, but the common factor is that each person plays an active role in the community. elleXX is not a short-term campaign, but rather a movement that makes a genuine contribution with strong stories, inspiring individuals and practical steps.

There are currently three specific formats for shedding light on the topic of finance from all perspectives. ’Money Talk’, as the name suggests, it’s a frank and blunt conversation with women about the taboo topic of money. These indicate the risks and discuss investment horizons and timelines. In the ’Ask Him’ section, the writers ask men questions often only posed to women. Viktor Giacobbo is asked about his fingernails. Ruedi Noser explains how he reconciles his professional activities with his role as a father, and whether this makes him an uncaring parent. The ’Corporate Diversity’ section continues a story every week. Writer Eva von Adam mercilessly and wittily picks apart companies’ behaviour. She has created business heroines with exhilarating warmth and humour.

Direct interaction with users is very much part of the approach. Be it with the personal newsletter sent out every week or through direct conversations and interactions on social media. In addition, various events are organised on the topic of finance. Tips and tricks are also presented to help with the battle for money that rules the world, as women have plenty to contribute.

The collaboration

Creating involved close collaboration, from concept to design to development. The founders of elleXX and the Liip team immediately got along. Consistent prioritisation and orientation of development activities to the key functions and sections of the platform enabled developing a functioning platform in a short period. In an agile setup, prioritisation also means defining what is not done immediately, leading to constructive discussion.

The team consisted of people living and working all over Switzerland. Meetings were held online and on-site. Both teams were alwaysentirely motivated to contribute to the mission of elleXX. As well as developing the website, Liip's broad expertise was also put to use in developing interfaces with elleXX’s partners and other systems.

By women, for women

The founders of elleXX dedicated themselves to their motto ‘close the gaps’.. For years, they have been organising campaigns, events and projects to provide women with a platform and media attention. The website is explicitly devoted to equality in finance. Who understands this target group better than the target group itself? The whole concept is based on being made ‘by women, for women’, and it offers diverse perspectives and information.

Of course, the target group is more precisely defined than the 49.62% proportion of the Swiss female population. elleXX was implemented across multiple media with high visual and creative requirements, and consistently incorporates feedback from the target audience. Whether on social media or via the newsletter, the community is important and has a real voice. This all starts with content writing. The black ‘close the gaps’ banners are impossible to miss on social media channels. Members and followers post photos with banners in areas where equality has not yet been achieved to create awareness. Instagram also has a ‘close the gaps’ filter. These women are equally committed to the ‘close the gaps’ vision.


Reach and impact begin with a movement and a digital platform. The target group is constantly increasing. Thanks to trust in collaboration and a shared vision, the movement is picking up speed.

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