Digital campaigning – how it works

  • Jenny Zehnder has launched a product that speaks for itself. Digital campaigns that generate impact enable the agency and client to work together to benefit of society.

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More than just a website – a movement

We are still nowhere near achieving equality between men and women. 56% of Swiss women are economically dependent – and that needs to change. Money rules the world, and women do not yet stand alongside it. elleXX includes a website, a newsletter, checklists, videos and a paid membership. Members receive exclusive features, such as the PDF version of all gap checklists, as well as additional content and discounts, f.e. on the ‘Money Hacks’ courses. Everyone with a membership is supporting the content and the movement. Thanks to targeted partnerships with financial institutions and insurance companies, elleXX and its partners can offer products that close the gaps in women’s lives. These include an investment product, a pillar 3a pension solution and legal protection insurance.

Helping to close the gaps

With its daily journalistic content, elleXX creates visibility on equality gaps, presenting pioneers, ideas and solutions, and bringing new aspects of the topic into the conversation. As users can support elleXX via a membership, elleXX is also shaping a new funding model for journalistic content.

The combination of journalistic articles and specific financial education encourages users to become active. Scientifically sound analyses and checklists with specific steps help users close the equality gaps in their lives.

A rapid launch

The platform was built and went live within just a few months. An editorial team was established during the first months to publish new articles every day. High visual and creative requirements come into play on a daily basis as part of this. Spending a long time on the specifications for digital projects does not necessarily make them better. We attach great importance to quick implementation and continuous development. The defined target groups and Simone Züger’s visual design language were used to develop the screen design and a prototype. A prototype showcases the opportunities and limits of a digital product. During the few months between the beginning of the project and the platform launch, some priorities had to be adjusted to achieve the greatest possible impact.

Target group – not just women

49.62% of Switzerland’s population is female. This means that the website has a potential target group of 4,302,599 women. The elleXX target group includes women in different life situations.

They have in common that current finance and financial education services do not address their needs. This may be a housewife with money but no desire or time to get to grips with personal retirement planning. Or a businesswoman who has left her money in the bank so far because existing banking products that often use masculine communication have not appealed to her.

Another important element: elleXX is aimed at women, but men are also very welcome. elleXX does not wish to exclude anyone, their publications and products are also open to the other half of the population.

User-centred, also in design

The typography and colour scheme were chosen deliberately. For example, the used font ‘Moderat’ is from the Swiss designers Fabian Fohrer and Fabian Huber. The tidy yet heavily interactive design was tested with a targeted selection of users and further improved. These structured, moderated tests examined and analysed various hypotheses. Testing was in particular applied to user journeys and the comprehensibility of explanatory elements and product texts, i.e. the areas that present the greatest obstacles for the target groups.

elleXX thus makes abstract and complex topics such as finances and investments more accessible for women, who often do not deal with that in greater detail.

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