What it’s all about

Everyone is talking about SEO. Ultimately, this means ensuring that people will find you and your company, product or service when searching the web. But how can you make that happen? You need an SEO strategy. This means gradually improving your search engine rankings, boosting traffic and generating conversions relevant to your business.

However, it is important to know what it is that you want to optimise. On-page SEO means search engine optimisation for your website. Off-page SEO relates to adjustments outside your website. One key part of off-page optimisations are backlinks, which are links to your website from external sites. If backlinks are kept in balance in terms of quality and quantity, this can positively impact your search engine ranking. The more external websites link to your website, the higher its Google ranking will be. Technical improvements are also vital for search engine optimisation. Ultimately, it needs to be possible for your site to be crawled and indexed correctly.

But don’t worry, we can take care of everything – making you ahead of your competitors in the Google rankings.

What you get

We are skilled SEO specialists, and we trawl the web for the search terms that rank the best. We examine your page structures, internal links, canonical links and more.
In an SEO audit, we will show you how search engines are crawling and indexing your websites. And we compare your SEO performance with that of your competitors.

The same thing goes for backlinks. We perform backlink audits and ensure that your backlinks meet search engine guidelines in terms of quality and quantity. Sometimes, Google will penalise search engine results. Our penalty recovery service helps you improve your results once more.

International SEO allows us to let search engines know in which countries you want to reach. We also understand the specific requirements of e-commerce SEO, so we know how to get key users to your online shop.

Good to know

As a digital agency, know of the importance of user experience and technical implementation for a website’s SEO ranking. We collaborate with our experts from the UX, Development and content departments on all our projects to ensure that we achieve the best possible results regularly migrates websites with fantastic results. This success shows the value of working so closely with developers and ultimately also with customers like you. Do you want to optimise your SEO strategy?