What it’s all about

Previously, you would have stored all your photo albums, books and music on your shelves, so you always had everything at hand. The problem with this? You would run out of space.

That’s where databases come in. The data repositories behind all digitally exchanged information are constantly being added to, and you can receive, store, rearrange and retrieve your data at any time. But the same principle applies to your data repository as it does your shelves: tidy house, tidy mind. Data has to be organised in a way that makes sense, so you can find it again quickly. But the access time also depends on the type of storage system. You are probably asking yourself, ‘Which data storage system is the best for me?’.

Well, let us take a quick look at what you have on your ‘shelves’ and we can give you the answer. We offer databases suitable for everything from small blogs right up to big data solutions.

What you get

Specialists, organising consultants, supervisors – that’s what we gladly are for you. We help you save your data securely, efficiently and for the long term. Want to optimise the performance of your data? We will take a close look at how your data is structured in order to help you manage your information in a logistically sensible and logical way. We have a few tricks up our sleeve to help you with this.

With Elasticsearch or Solr search solutions, we are able to make sure that the data you are looking for is easy to find. When we deliver information to a CMS, web application or a mobile app, we build Application Programming Interfaces (API), and these flexible interfaces enable software to be read by various different components. Are you feeling lost in the jungle of NoSQL, GraphQL, MySQL, REST, Redis, Kafka and PostgreSQL?

Don’t worry, sometimes the options available make our heads spin too. But fortunately, we have a whole range of custom development specialists who we can trust with our valuable data.

Good to know

Databases may sound like a complicated topic, but we have good news for you: most modern web frameworks inherently include everything you now need to retrieve information from a digital storage system and on to your screen. The problem is that in many systems, it is not just the volume of information that increases over time but also the structures involved. Does your data storage system run at a snail's pace?

This is frustrating and affects the whole user experience. Our analytics solutions can help with this and can identify sluggish processes and websites. You can rely on us – we will put all of our skills and expertise into helping you improve your operating processes and data security.