We love Drupal – the open-source CMS for complex, customised websites and online shops

What it’s all about

Drupal is the open-source enterprise content management system (CMS) for complex, highly customisable digital experiences for more than 20 years. Multiple languages, structured data, ambitious landing pages or a decoupled front end? Do you want to build headless solutions or integrate channels, such as apps? All of these are possible with Drupal. And we ensure that your company will benefit.

Drupal’s biggest strength is its rich ecosystem of contributed modules. Common components such as a search, a shop or numerous third-party services can be integrated with little development. And our favourite part: Drupal publishes a new core release every six months that brings new base functionality to Drupal, which can be upgraded with ease. Thus, customers can continuously benefit from new features, like an editing experience, media library management, or standardised APIs.

What you get

Our Drupal teams in Zurich, Bern, Fribourg and Lausanne are experienced experts in architecting, building and maintaining Drupal-based solutions. Whether an online shop or corporate website, B2B or B2C, our team knows the best way for Drupal to support you. After all, our teams have been doing this for a while – from the earliest versions through to Drupal 9. Their work is consistently agile, transparent and, where necessary, conducted in collaboration with our colleagues from e-commerce, data, user experience and SEO and Analytics.

You enjoy all the benefits that Drupal brings: years of proven success, a predictable release schedule (and thus innovations that you can plan) and a well-established Drupal security team, which, when combined with our support contracts, allows you to sleep soundly. And don’t forget the large Drupal community, where lively discussion provides an ideal basis for continually evolving a platform alongside your customer needs.

Good to know

You have probably guessed that we are massive Drupal fans. Liip is therefore a sponsor of the Drupal Association and is actively involved in Drupal's further development. It is important to us that Drupal, as an open-source CMS, remains able to compete on an equal footing with commercial providers such as Adobe or Sitecore.