Give your data wings

Your organisation produces data on people, products and processes every day. Is it put to use or just being stored away? Do you lack the time or resources to generate relevant insights, or to automate processes intelligently? Are you missing expertise to create innovative digital products? Work with us to take advantage of digitalisation trends, and strengthen your company’s innovation potential.

From prototype to launch

When it comes to finding an approach that works, we are the quickest on the market. In just one joint hack day, we turn your data into a functioning prototype. Our interdisciplinary team of experts — award-winning UX specialists, data engineers and seasoned business developers — work on your challenging project with you. Using fast iterative cycles, we transform your prototype into a releasable product. We work independently from any specific technology or provider: we focus on the best tool to reach your goals, whether software-as-a-service (SaaS) or open source framework.

Placing people at the centre

Technological innovation should not be an end in itself, but rather a tool to support humans. This is why we follow these principles: privacy over profit, transparency over precision, simplicity over complexity, open over proprietary and humans over machines. Mutual trust forms the basis of our collaboration with you; we only work on applications that we can get behind. Even when it comes to data, people remain the focus of our projects.

Thomas Ebermann
Lead Data Services

Reuse data efficiently

  • Easily findable data treasures thanks to dynamic inventory
  • Connect new apps efficiently thanks to APIs
  • Open Innovation thanks to the publication of Open Data

Making data understandable

  • Interactive data visualizations
  • Simple visual control for complex applications
  • Comprehensible, meaningful dashboards

Open data

  • Publication of open data on portals (CKAN)
  • Smart city applications and expertise in metadata standards
  • Integration of existing systems and open APIs
  • Open data in companies

Offer personalized content

  • Powerful search engines for large amounts of content
  • Pragmatic use of machine learning
  • Recommendations based on samples, databases or the behaviour of users

Create innovative interfaces for users

  • Chat offers for tailor-made 24/7 service
  • Voice recognition for hands-free control
  • Image and face recognition for fast input without text is Switzerland’s open government data portal. It offers free, machine-readable data on social demographics, space, the environment and the economy. Authorities and related organisations have come together for the project.

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Energie 360°

Delight employees with digital matchmaking and team challenges: Energie 360° promotes fun interactions between members of staff. All of this is completely digital – with a good dash of gamification.

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ETH real estate economics app

Complexity made user-friendly – Our ETH app digitises real estate economics and makes the maths behind it transparent and fun.

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