What it’s all about

24/7 service, quick response times, and above all, no irritating call-centre music. But seriously, conversational interfaces such as chatbots really can make our lives much easier.

Broadly speaking, there are two different types of chatbot: chatbots that are based on and learn using AI, and rule-based chatbots that provide pre-set answers. We work with you to find the option that meets your needs, which all depends on the job it is going to do. We also find the perfect place to put it: either embedded into your CMS based website, your e-commerce business or right where your users are, directly within the relevant messaging app.

Our Liip team are real chatbot fans because above all; they offer your users added value – even if they need support outside of opening hours. Chatbots can provide a way for users to enter their details efficiently via a service bot instead of having to fill out a form. A witty chatbot also makes interactions with your company more fun (and thus generates more conversions). And your staff also get a slice of the pie: they benefit from automated processes, freeing up time for more complicated topics.

What you get

We have a whole pool of chatbot skills: our team consists of developers, UX designers and UX writing specialists, and we already completed numerous chatbot projects. Our expertise, gained over many years ranges from developing smart bots to incorporating data sources such as open data, to creating a chatbot persona with a tone and image that fits your corporate identity – or gives you a new look.

Overview of our chatbot services

One-day prototyping

  • Refining and testing your chatbot idea in a short time
  • Developing it via short sprints with regular feedback
  • Low initial costs

Chatbot implementation

  • Defining the Chatbot persona (UX design and UX writing)
  • Writing or training the conversational flow
  • Developing it via sprints with regular feedback
  • Implementing the chatbot on a website or messaging app

Good to know

As with all our projects, we do not have any vendor lock-ins for our chatbots. We are not tied to particular providers or technologies and love working with open source software, which for chatbots includes Rasa. As well as keeping us flexible and independent, this also ensures that you have the best solution for your project. So, have a chat with us!