Towards more Agility at Datatrans

  • François Bruneau

Agile methodologies are more than a way of work: they come with a mindset. This is what we emphasized when supporting Datatrans in their transformation to be more Agile. Here's what Liip and the client are saying about this accompaniment.

The journey of Datatrans from two perspectives: What we did to support new ways of working and how our client appreciated the collaboration. All is found below.

Datatrans delivers cutting-edge payment solutions. They needed an external view and inputs about the structure of their development process. That’s when we stepped in. We shared hands-on knowledge and insights about Agile frameworks such as Scrum and Kanban. We stressed the importance of the underlying Agile values and principles. Those became guidelines for collaboration within Datatrans' newly-formed "New Ventures" product team.

Practices like Backlog Grooming, Story Points and User Stories were introduced. Now, those provide the team with a shared understanding of what needs to be built the day the Sprint starts.

We addressed how to deal with complexity by slicing user needs into small chunks of work. The visualisation of all the work (and its various "in-progress" states) on a Kanban board facilitates better coordination.

Last but not least, Dailies have been introduced and implemented. These short, time-boxed meetings allow just-in-time alignment and troubleshooting.

Now, we give the mic to Beda Schumacher, Product Manager:

In one sentence, what is Datatrans?

Datatrans is an independent Payment Service Provider who offers tailored payment solutions to enable companies to fully optimize their potential in ecommerce.

What was the context before you contacted Liip? What was the trigger?

The recently founded New Ventures team, responsible for new product development at Datatrans, was looking for advice and training to choose an Agile working method which fits our needs best.

Why did you choose Liip?

A former Liip employee recommended us your expertise.

What was the biggest challenge for this project?

The biggest challenge was to engage all the required people across different departments.

How was it to work with us? Please describe the collaboration in three words.

Straightforward, professional, instructive.

How did you experience Agility at Liip?

In our opinion, you not only talk about agility but lead by example. Our instructor has been pretty flexible and has addressed our concerns in a straightforward and quick way.

What’s your biggest learning?

Besides the general knowledge about Agile working, it was definitely the practical insights from Liip about how you solve challenges.

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