Swiss voted Yes to Gay “Marriage” (and Europe ;) )

  • Christian Stocker

It's not totally official yet, but looks like both polls were accepted by the Swiss people. We have now something-like-marriage (it's not totally the same, but “good enough”. No adoption rights for example) for gay couples and we will join the Schengen/Dublin treaty (good news for the EU after the devastating last 10 days…). I didn't care

much about the Schengen stuff, as it has its Pros and Cons (from an anti-big-brother point of view), but I'm glad the right wing parties can't claim a victory now and they lost again on a ballot they claimed to be very important.

But I'm really more happy, that the gay thing was accepted (by approx. 60% Yes), it was about time (after some cantons already introduced it). Swiss people aren't that conservative, after all, at least not in all areas ;)

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