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  • Yves Bertrand

Liip was behind the brand refresh for and oversaw its technical implementation. Visitors to the new Mobiliar website enjoy a clutter-free, topic-driven navigation with a clear local focus.

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Making a dry topic engaging

Mobiliar is a household name. This is not surprising given that it has the highest brand awareness of all Swiss insurers. Proximity to its customers has always set Mobiliar apart from its competitors. For proof, you need look no further than its famous and deceptively simple stick men advertising posters that have captured the public’s imagination. Liip has developed a user experience concept that will let Mobiliar get closer to its clients in the digital virtual world, too.

Do you know Mobiliar’s Mr Meyer?

Mobiliar values personal and local contact with its clients. This is now reflected in the new website: every general agency and every insurance advisor have their own landing page. This means that it takes clients only a few clicks to find “Mr Meyer”, their trusted insurance broker. To ensure that online enquiries make it successfully to Mr Meyer and his agency, the website lets visitors select their preferred agency and store this information permanently.
The project team decided against the usual insurance sector practice of dividing the website into two sections: one for residential customers, the other for business clients. Instead, they opted for topic-driven navigation. To this end, they standardised and simplified every single product categories.

Content with added value

Flexible content types mean that Mobiliar’s content managers can respond quickly to changing needs.
General agencies and products dovetail more closely in the new Mobiliar website. For example, every product page links to the user’s closest general agencies, while every agency landing page lists the topics and products that are particularly relevant to that region. Also, the “Guide” format gives Mobiliar clients real added value.
The map widget lets Mobiliar generate ad-hoc maps showing additional information, e.g. “hail damage drive-ins”, and embed these on any page.


The project team used Drupal 7 to implement The front end was developed using Sass, gulp and JQuery, while Redis Cache ensures lightning-fast loading times. The application was fully tested using BrowserSync, and the new site was integrated in the existing infrastructure; data on individuals and general agencies are imported from censhare.


«Our contact person at Mobiliar really knew their stuff, which meant that we could focus our energies on developing the agile software and a user-centred design.»
Yves Bertrand, Product Owner

die Mobiliar

«From the very first day, we felt that we had found the right partner. Agile, motivated and totally committed, right the way through from project launch to the go-live. That is what makes Liip stand out from the crowd. And the go-live is only the start. We look forward to developing our website with Liip.»
Michael Bähler, project manager

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Die Mobiliar
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