Raiffeisen E-Banking

  • Andrea Meyer

For many, paying bills online has become a matter of course. But now what a rising number of customers want are mobile banking services. However, this growing trend poses a real challenge to banking systems.

To satisfy the rising demand for mobile banking services, Raiffeisen developed a new e-banking frontend. As regards the new user interface, the Swiss bank relied on its in-house developers to build the key client interfaces. However, Liip was on hand to provide Raiffeisen with extra support to realise its ambitious goal. This was not the first time that the two had worked together: Liip was behind the development of the Raiffeisen MemberPlus portal and parts of the bank’s intranet.

Partnership – key to success

Throughout the project developers from Raiffeisen and Liip shared an office St. Gallen. A 100% responsive online banking solution that is compatible with any mobile device is the result of this close working relationship. Namics oversaw the design of the new solution.
Checking your account balance on the train, changing your standing order while lounging on the beach, or even paying your dentist’s bill on the ski slopes… With the new e-banking system, Raiffeisen customers can now carry out all of these operations quickly and easily.

Leveraging the potential of mobile devices

Adapting an online system so that it works on mobile devices too is definitely a step in the right direction. But the Raiffeisen e-banking solution goes one step further. For example, take the tedious process of entering all the data that appears on the paper paying-in slip. For Raiffeisen customers, this is now a thing of the past. All they have to do is scan the document using the camera on their mobile device and hey presto… their payment is processed in the blink of an eye.
The log-in process is also mobile-friendly. PhotoTAN provides a secure log-in without the need for any additional devices. The PhotoTAN log-in app can be installed on all standard platforms/devices (iOS, Android, Windows Phone) and offers users the same level of security as connecting to the online banking system via your home desktop.

Technical implementation

In terms of the release, one part of the project team dealt with the frontend, while the other with the backend. This made it possible to keep the existing backend built by Crealogix. 
Communication between the two systems is via a specially developed interface. 
The frontend team used the latest web technologies like AngularJS, Grunt, Bootstrap and Less to develop the best-possible solution.

Automatic testing – lasting quality assurance

The process of developing the Raiffeisen e-banking solution was innovative for many reasons, one of which was the construction and use of automated tests. When adapting the source code, the system carries out a series of tests to verify that the existing system functionalities are not compromised in any way. Unlike unit tests, the automated test system checks these directly in the browser and interacts with the user interface just as a real user would. The upshot: a better quality system.

«The new e-banking system bolsters our status as an innovative and modern bank group. We are now in a position to offer our customers an intuitive user experience that is tailored to their needs.»
Stefan Jeker, Head of Electronic Channels - IT, Raiffeisen Switzerland


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