Sel des alpes: One backend for two websites

  • Thierry Krummenacher

When the need to develop a website for the brand Saline de Bex Bien-Être arose, the Saline de Bex team contacted Liip again.

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The Saline de Bex and Liip collaborated on the Sel des Alpes webiste for the Expo 2015 in Milan. The Saline de Bex team needed a new website, ready to lauch whithin 3 weeks. Liip managed to write the code and develop a website that not only looked great but also provided the company with an effective channel for its Expo 2015 communication strategy. Both sides hit it off immediately, and they worked together effectively and efficiently from start to finish. For Sel des Alpes, Liip proposed a website using DjangoCMS, which made it possible to create custom content specifically for the Sel des Alpes site.

Saline de Bex Bien-ĂȘtre website extension

An advantage of the DjangoCMS platform is its multi-site functionality. What this means, in plain English, is that one backend can manage two websites. In our case, the Sel des Alpes site for Milano 2015 and the separate Saline de Bex Bien-Être site, which was developed afterwards. Liip worked with DO!, the longstanding communications and marketing partner of Saline de Bex, to build the extension.

A cost-effective and long-lasting solution

The DjangoCMS platform optimises backend development, thus offering a convenient and cost-effective solution. For example, when an element is developed for one site, say a block of content linked to a specific marketing campaign, it can be reused on the other website. In addition, the site maintenance team saves valuable time in terms of training and updating, as all updates are performed via a single content management system.

«The structure of the website means that we can change the site and update content in an easy and dynamic way. Django CMS is the ideal tool: easy to use, flexible and user friendly.»
Sara Zbinden, Digital Marketing & Social Media Manager, Saline de Bex

«When the Saline de Bex team contacted us again to develop a website for its brand Saline de Bex Bien Être, it was obvious that it would be convenient and easy to use the multi-site functionality. It allowed us to save time and offer a long-lasting and cost-effective solution.»
Sylvain Fankhauser, Developer

Saline de Bex
Saline de Bex Bien-Être

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