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  • Thierry Krummenacher

Three weeks = a communication channel with maximum impact

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When the Saline de Bex approached Liip, the company was very clear about what it wanted from us, and when: an entirely new website especially for Expo 2015 in Milan, and ready to launch within only three weeks. Its brand, Sel des Alpes, was a partner of the Swiss Pavilion, designed to present Switzerland to the world as an attractive country with a deep-rooted sense of responsibility and solidarity in relation to food and sustainable development. 
In less than one month, Liip managed to write the code and develop a website that not only looked great but also provided the company with an effective channel for its Expo 2015 communication strategy for Expo 2015.

Fast and agile

Well used to delivering first-rate, impeccable solutions even within very short turnaround times, Liip went to work on the Sel des Alpes project. The agile team comprised a ScrumMaster (project facilitator), a Product Owner (who prioritized the work, led the team and managed relations with the customer) and two developers. In keeping with agile principles, the Saline de Bex team was an integral part of the development process from the outset. Both sides hit it off immediately, and they worked together effectively and efficiently from start to finish.
Liip built the site using Django CMS, which made it possible to create custom content specifically for the Sel des Alpes site.
By aligning content and text in blocks, the layout shows off the simple yet effective visuals to their best advantage. The explanatory and informative content is also concise and clear.

Coordinated and effective

Thanks to DjangoCMS, the Liip team was able to create various page templates, including competition entry forms. The website therefore served as the brand’s communications nerve centre before, during and after Milano 2015. Liip called on communications agency Franz & René to assist it with the graphics side of the project.

The Sel des Alpes team also had an opportunity to meet with communication management specialists, one of the residents of ThinkSpace, Liip’s work-and-share space. Together, Liip and met every single specific demand that the Sel des Alpes team had, and provided the customer with a web solution that was fully compatible with its planned interactive communication strategy for Milano 2015. Sel des Alpes has gone on to enlist the services of for other projects.

«By working so closely with Liip, we were able to create a website that perfectly matches our needs. Admittedly, we made a few changes to the initial project owing to changing demands and needs during the development phase.»
Sara Zbinden, Digital Marketing & Social Media Manager

«Although the deadline was really tight, the customer was very clear about what it wanted and was very easy to work with. This mean that we were extremely productive right up until the site went live.»
Cédric Hofstetter, Project Owner

Saline de Bex

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