Migros Culture Percentage Web-Relaunch

  • Andrea Meyer

With a new design and CMS, Migros Culture Percentage's website has been completely focused on visitors since Christmas.

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Go Live before Christmas
Shortly before Christmas the new website of Migros Culture Percentage went live.

The website https://www.migros-kulturprozent.ch/ of Migros Culture Percentage's commitment was based on an outdated Content Management System (CMS). This should change by the end of 2017. A migration to the already known CMS Sitecore, which is in use at the Migros Group, was certain.

The new site should be mobile-capable and meet the current technological standards. The project was used to update the site in all respects. The performance has now been state-of-the-art since the end of 2017. This means that the site is responsive and can be accessed conveniently on all mobile devices and, of course, on the desktop computer at home.

Styleguide Generator
A pattern library generator was used as a basis for the development of the front-end (https://fbrctr.github.io/). The appearance is therefore based on a technically clean basis. This ensures the front-end of the current appearance and future design developments. The user journeys have also been reworked. Due to its user friendliness, the site is not only pleasing to the eye, but can also be experienced.

Cultural and social offer
Migros Culture Percentage gives a broad population access to cultural and social services. The Migros Cooperative Association finances the voluntary commitment in the areas of culture, society, education, leisure and business.

The website https://www.migros-kulturprozent.ch/ presents the various projects and at the same time makes it possible to apply for funding.

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