The aim was to provide Migros with a simple, modern tool that could be used to edit job advertisements and then directly publish them both internally and externally. With more than 60 companies and divisions, Migros is Switzerland’s largest employer, and this project was a major challenge for us. Incorporating all the companies and their needs into the platform was a priority, increased the complexity.

Simplified complexity

Instead of building a platform in a protracted, ongoing process, we decided to work with Migros to create a minimum viable product (MVP). This would help counteract the complexity of the task. We focused on covering general needs before incorporating the company’s individual features. Ongoing testing and optimisation is the goal for any MVP. In this project, a selected group of ‘beta testers’ continually put the tool through its paces. Minimising the complexity and using testing enabled us to bring the newly created project to the market quickly. We continually incorporated the helpful feedback provided by the testers..

This is what we did:

  • A weekly thirty-minute meeting was held with all of the testers and the development team.
  • Newly implemented features were presented, and of course, there was also total transparency about what was currently being developed.
  • Testers asked questions and provided input, allowing them to put forward their desired changes.
  • This feedback flowed directly into further development activities and helped priorities to be established within the product.

The parallel phase in the transition process

The MVP went live in mid-February after just five months – a truly remarkable achievement. For Migros recruiters, this meant parallel operations between the old and the new tool as one key feature had not yet been implemented, namely links with external publication channels. The first recruiters were already able to use the new tool for advertising vacancies on However, recruiters often want to advertise their vacancies widely to find the most suitable candidates. In the old tool, which remained available, jobs could still be advertised outside of Migros on platforms such as or LinkedIn. As linking up with third-party systems is always a challenge, this feature is only being implemented after the MVP.

Rollout across the Migros Group

We are moving forward in stages and gradually rolling out the job ad management tool to other companies within the Migros Group. The companies included in each stage are being carefully selected based on their individual needs. In some cases, depending on the company, far-reaching developments are required. The first stage is planned for mid-May. Time is short, and we are working hard to enable links with external platforms so that vacancies can be published in multiple locations with a single click. Because finding the most suitable candidates for a position is a top priority, both for Migros and for us.