Liip has taken over the client base and employees of digital agency Nothing

  • Grégoire Loretan

The clients and employees of the Bern-based digital agency Nothing AG have been taken over by Liip as of October 1st. (This media release was published on October 4, 2022)

Founded in 1999, Nothing was an expert agency for digital solutions focusing on organic foodstuffs and agriculture. The team joining Liip will continue expanding its activities and specialisation in digitalising the field of sustainable foodstuffs and agriculture. This move strengthens Liip's position as a leading Swiss digital agency and its focus on sustainability.

The previous two years, shaped by the pandemic, showed strong growth in the organic foodstuffs and agriculture sector. In addition, it became even more evident how digitalisation can contribute to sustainability in this sector. Both Nothing and Liip see their purpose in being part of the sustainable, meaningful digital transformation within the economy and society. A desire emerged to join forces and use their common pioneering spirit to work on this kind of progress here in Switzerland. Both agencies are pioneers in leading ground-breaking digital projects and the consistent application of agile working methods and self-organisation. This is, therefore, a union of two very complementary forces.

On October 1st 2022, all Nothing employees and their design and development skills were integrated into Liip, resulting in 230 employees across six offices. Nothing was founded in 1999 and, over the years, has established itself as a specialist in digital solutions and tools for the organic agriculture and foodstuffs sector. For a long time, Nothing was the industry-wide benchmark in interaction design.

This move is coming at the perfect time: as planned for many months, Nothing’s founder, Bastiaan van Rooden, is moving to the newly seceded product company Peerdom AG, which paves the way for future-oriented forms of collaboration with innovative software: “This strategic secession from the digital agency Nothing AG enables the product company Peerdom AG to have a radical focus on scaling its product internationally. By entrusting Liip with the remaining team members and projects, Nothing ensures to continue a sustainable influence and seamlessly meet the rapidly growing needs of our clients. I am especially pleased that this means that the team, the clients and the market have an extremely promising and dynamic starting position with Liip.” Bastiaan van Rooden, Founder of Nothing AG.

Bastiaan van Rooden (l) and Giorgio Nadig (r) at the negociation table

Giorgio Nadig from Liip’s Bern office added: “Driving real sustainability using digital means is an extremely important and motivating objective for us. We want to use our presence from Lausanne to St. Gallen to promote this across the entire country!”

This move shows a clear commitment to development and innovation in Switzerland, and further strengthens Liip’s leading position as an independent, holistic digital agency focused on the long term.

That’s far more than Nothing, that’s an amazing Liip

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