High resolution map of latest Swiss blog posts

  • Christian Stocker

Thanks to the great guys from endoxon, blogug can now provide a high resolution map of the latest blog posts in the Swiss blogosphere.

See it in action.

It basically shows all Swiss blogs, which are geotagged (how to do that is explained on alain's blog) and the icon fades out, the older the latest post is. It is automatically updated every hour by endoxon via our georss feed from the planet.

The feed also looks for geotagged posts (and not only the main blog coordinates) and displays the icon there, but that only happens for your latest post. I try to improve that feature in the near future.

See also my older post about how blogug does the geolocation recognition.

BTW: I know, that slug.ch has something like this since ages, but “we” have high resolution for the whole of Switzerland :)

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