At Liip, biking is more than just a way to get around; it’s a way of life. Whether for commuting or as a favourite sports activity, biking holds a special place in our hearts. As one Liiper famously said, “Your bike is as important as your laptop at Liip.”

Introducing GOW: Liip’s First Bike Club

Earlier this year, at the beginning of the bike season, we were thrilled to announce the launch of GOW, Liip’s very own bike club. The name GOW stands for Geeks On Wheels, reflecting our tech-savvy community’s love for cycling. Our goal is to bring more visibility to biking within our community and invite more people to join us for community rides.

The concept

Once or twice a month, we organise bike rides from a Liip office, sometimes spontaneously between Liipers, sometimes featuring a special guest. These rides are inclusive and cater to all biking preferences, whether road, gravel, or mountain biking.

April was cold but it did not stop us. We had the chance to GOW for a ride in the countryside of Basel with Andy Kessler, co-founder of OPEN Cycle. They design and produce awesome road and gravel bikes. Their motto? “Working hard to stay small”.

Just a week later we organised a ride along the river Sihl in Zurich with Nicola Stäubli, co-founder of MONoPOLE. They are lifelong commuter cyclists and decided to build the coolest toolbike: "the one bike for all”.

These events are not just about cycling; they’re an opportunity to connect with fellow Liipers, friends, partners and clients. It’s a chance to talk about bikes, projects, and life while enjoying the great outdoors. And of course, to get awesome Let’s GOW socks!

Upcoming events

There will be many more cool rides and great guests to come. Don't miss any of them and join our Strava Club for all the details, or follow us on Instagram for pictures and insights. And if you have ideas or suggestions for future events, just get in touch with us!

We can’t wait to see our community come together, united by our love for biking. So, dust off your bike, gear up, and let’s GOW 🔥