Generator for Google Tag Manager

  • Benoît Pointet

In the past two years, tag management evolved and became the leading technology used to manage tracking (and more) on the web. Meanwhile Google Tag Manager has established itself as a key player in the field of tag management.

While tag management empowers online marketers to do “powerful things”, it also adds a layer of complexity to their practice of web analytics.

For the marketers who have never setup tag management, the new concepts are repelling.

For the ones who have done it before, there is still no guarantee of quality.

For the ones who have done it more than a couple of times, most of the “clicking-through” of a container can feel repetitive.

Many reasons to come up with a boilerpate container for Google Tag Manager. We first used it internally for client work, and soon decided to share with the community in the form of a container generator.

Tailor the container to your tracking needs

This Google Tag Manager container generator allows anyone to instantly configure an adhoc container by selecting among the following Google Analytics trackers:

  • Pageview tracker.
  • Trackers for 4 link types, based on their URL: email links, phone links, download links and outbound links.
  • Trackers for links containing a class starting with ‘track-‘. Handy to track call-to-action links, or any important link that might not have a specific-enough URL.
  • Generic tracker for form submissions.
  • Scroll tracker (in percentages as well as milliseconds) thanks to Parsnip ScrollDepth library. Requires jQuery.
  • A tracker of interactions with embedded Youtube Videos, through Lunametrics Youtube Tracker.

This template GTM container generator also allows you to directly configure those Google Analytics trackers directly: GA property ID, IP anonymization and download URL pattern among others.

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