The National Health Report 2020

  • Marianne Schild

Have you heard of the Swiss Health Observatory (Obsan)? If not, it is high time you did. Every five years, Obsan publishes the National Health Report. Now the report is available as a downloadable PDF and an attractive new website with a short video.

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Obsan is the only organisation that takes such a detailed look at the health of the Swiss public because this is precisely what the Swiss Health Observatory was created for. We are glad to support Obsan as a digital agency for several years now. Drupal has proved to be an ideal CMS for Obsan’s needs repeatedly. We now used Drupal 8 to publish the National Health Report online for the first time. This latest, extremely interesting report looks at the health of children and young people.

From print to online reporting

What is the difference between a printed publication,a complete PDF of the report and a website? As someone who likes to have a physical copy of what I am reading, I would like to impartially present the advantages and disadvantages of each medium. I can also see why having a combination of different mediums is so appealing.

I remember when business reports were first digitised. We went from having a simple downloadable document to having entire content management systems. The aim was no longer just to display the report exactly as it was in print but rather to use the benefits the internet could provide. The point of these online business reports was to provide an affordable, scalable product. It is almost impossible to beat a stunning printed publication with carefully selected paper, high-quality printing, distinctive typography and professional design. But these printed products also have the disadvantages of being expensive and not scalable. They also cannot be updated, and you cannot publish them a day before the press conference as they have a long lead time. Furthermore, it is never clear what the best way to circulate them is.

However, an electronic report structured like a website can be updated if an error has slipped through the net. It is also easier to navigate and can be shared: by sending a URL in a newsletter or on social media, you can reach a broad audience in a matter of seconds.

As the website is very unique and did not have to cover too many different technical requirements, we only needed to implement a few features.

Something for everyone

When it comes to going through documents thoroughly, I am not the only one who finds having a physical document to be the ideal solution. For those in an academic setting and libraries, the book version of the report is still available. For those using tablets and cheap and easy printing at home, there is the PDF version. And for those who fancy watching the video and navigating their way through the most important points in the report on their mobile, there is the website.

We hope both specialist audiences and other members of the public find the report to be interesting, educational and thought-provoking. Please enjoy this public service provided by Obsan for the Swiss public, made possible by the complex and expert work it undertakes in this area. To your good health!

The team at Liip was friendly, creative and well organised. This provided the right platform for effective exchanges to take place and led to a product that we are very pleased with.
Claudio Peter, Head of Competence Area at the Swiss Health Observatory Obsan

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