Ready. Steady. Apprenticeship.

  • Zoe Périat

Finding meaningful apprenticeships: login is launching its new website for apprenticeship positions in the world of transport.

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login supports young people in finding apprenticeships in the world of transport, whether at SBB, Swiss or one of the many regional rail companies. Their process is quick, tailored and enjoyable – elements that were the focus of their complete website relaunch.

The aim: to secure the next generation of transport workers

As an educational partner of the SBB, BLS, RhB, VöV and around 50 other companies, login arranges apprenticeships and internships as well as other further training positions. login prepares more than 2000 apprentices to work in 25 different professions, including track laying, powerline construction and maintenance, and public transport office work. login thus contributes significantly to keeping the wheels turning in the transport sector.

Their website plays a key role in filling apprenticeship places: every day, between 1000 and 2000 students, parents and other interested individuals visit login’s website to find out more about the 850 apprenticeships, internships and practical training available each year. The structure and look of the website have been completely redesigned to enable website visitors to find key information about the different professions and available internships as quickly and easily as possible.

Our focus: target-oriented communication

A team of concept developers, designers, developers and analytics experts worked closely with login to implement the project in three phases over the course of a few months.

Phase 1: define the objectives, vision and guiding principles

Young people access information online and via social media every day. If a particular topic (such as finding an apprenticeship) is important to them, they will devote time to it. However, they do not have the patience to spend a long time searching. In the era of TikTok and Instagram, everything has to be fast-paced. Numerous user surveys have also shown that doing something meaningful is important to young people.

Another insight from these surveys is that, while young people search for apprenticeships, which is a very important process to them, they are generally assisted and influenced by their parents and other accompanying individuals. All of these observations produced a variety of guiding principles for the concept and design of the new website.

Guiding principles for the concept and design
#meaningful – login is a brand for meaningful professions
#quick – needs dynamic visuals
#guided – should have a colour concept that supports and guides users
#personalfocus - should use personal, target-oriented language
#deep –’s content must offer depth

login had already done interviews with students, offering insights on which we could build on. We deepened this knowledge via workshops.

Workshop topics in the concept phase

  • Refining our strategy
  • Defining the business and user objectives
  • Analysing needs
  • Compiling website requirements

The results of the workshops formed the basis for developing the UX concept and design.

Phase 2: information architecture and UX design

Liip worked with the login team to develop the information architecture during a workshop. Next came its implementation: the first step was creating a prototype, which login then tested with students. As a result, we were able to gain feedback from the target group early on in the process and optimise everything accordingly, ensuring even greater confidence in our UX decisions.

Phase 3: development, including a chatbot

The website was implemented with the help of a Drupal CMS. Our work focused on a few core functions.

Core functions in the implementation phase
Predefined content types for the easy creation of multilingual content
Linked to login’s HR system
Various content elements for the modular creation of content pages

An intuitive search for available apprenticeships
While one team was responsible for implementing the website, a second team took care of developing a chatbot. The chatbot ‘Loggy’ was born during a prototyping workshop. It was created by login apprenticeship professionals, data gurus, and content specialists. With ‘Loggy’, we hope to test if and how a chatbot can help students look for a suitable apprenticeship.

Compasses over maps
The new website is designed to impress with its unique, concise design and to help both users and login to achieve their goals. A website needs SEO and analytics to be able to perform to its full potential. This was another area where we could help login out. A needs analysis was used to define performance indicators and tracking requirements, which were then incorporated into the website. This means that in the future, login will be able to measure the success of its campaigns, analyse the behaviour of its users, and optimise its marketing activities. From an SEO perspective, the loss-free migration of pre-existing content was a key concern. We adhered to SEO best practices to attract as many users to the new website as possible.

Liip is a very well positioned agency. All of them are working for the success of the project and have put a lot of effort into the core business of Login. And all this in the shortest possible time. The exchange and contact was very efficient and we always received answers within a very short time. The employees of Liip have very good specialist knowledge.
Stephanie Eich, Projectmanager Marketing and Corporate Communications

Thanks to all of this hard work, login is now ready to welcome the transport professionals of the future. In short: ready, steady, apprenticeship!

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