The finance department for the town of Yverdon-les-Bains had two main requirements for the project: simplify everything while offering more. The new information system should simplify things for both the residents and the municipality’s departments. It should also be able to be adapted easily to suit different needs and situations. We co-developed this virtual counter and, of course, we opted for an open-source solution.

Sharing the development costs

The developers chose to use Django, a Python-based web development framework. There are numerous significant advantages to using open-source. You are free to choose the technical provider you want to work with, you are in full control of the solution, there is increased security, and the solution has a longer lifespan. In summary, municipalities directly benefit from sharing the cost of development while receiving a better product. Together, we can achieve more.

The pandemic proved the project's worth

The pandemic has brought all of these advantages to the fore. Planned to launch in 2021, a scaled-down version of Geocity was released at the end of 2020 due to the pandemic. The municipality in Vaud wanted to collect applications for financial aid from companies in the area. How can you do this in such a short space of time? In just a few hours, the Geocity form had been adapted and was live. This is another example of the vast range of possibilities Geocity can offer. Today, we continue developing and improving this solution, and we are happy to have already won over some other municipalities with Geocity. Vevey and the ASR (Association Sécurité Riviera) are now also on board.