Bitflux Blog @ Annabelle

  • Christian Stocker

In this week's issue, there's an article about blogs in the Swiss women magazine Annabelle. Besides an interview with Jan (which unfortunately won't be available online), there is a “Best 50 Blogs” part and there in the lower third Bitflux Blog is mentioned. Hehe, a whole new target group for us :) The site is also mentioned.

Btw, as said in the last blogpost, we're currently very busy, therefore apologies for not blogging more interesting stuff lately. But I have a long list of stuff I want to blog about:

  • A little meta keywords tag test
  • How great the new iMac is
  • soDA asia-alias
  • Webtuesday (aka, which was again a full success yesterday, see Denis' 2 pictures)
  • and much much more …

Hopefully after a relaxing Easter weekend :)

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