Zurich, 12 April 2024. With 4 awards at the Best of Swiss Web 2024, Liip has maintained its position among the top 10 biggest competition winners. The digital agency has picked up a total of 68 awards over the years. The ZüriCityGPT AI project won Silver in the categories Innovation and Public Value. Crowdfunding platform OOMNIUM ’s website also impressed the jury, winning Silver in the category Innovation and Bronze in the category Technology. The pharmaSuisse project was recognized in the shortlist.

ZüriCityGPT: achieving 2 awards thanks to AI
Searching for information on the City of Zurich’s website can sometimes feel like a treasure hunt. Although the website contains a wealth of information, searching for it does not always go smoothly. By creating a chatbot based on Large Language Models (LLM), ZüriCityGPT makes it significantly easier to access public information provided by the City of Zurich. What is innovative about ZüriCityGPT is it’s increased i efficiency of information gathering s, particularly on local government webpages, and its ability to overcome language barriers by responding in different languages.

OOMNIUM wins 2 awards in the categories Innovation and Technology
OOMNIUM enables users to invest in companies effortlessly with just a few clicks on a laptop or even a few taps on a smartphone. Using the most modern technology ensures a user-friendly platform: Vendure, the headless open-source e-commerce used, offers strong performance from the ground up, even when facing high loads. Through the additional use of kubernetes and the separation of frontend and backend applications, the platform is capable of rapid scalability and high redundancy. This results in the platform’s impressive stability and availability.

pharmaSuisse was recognized in the shortlist
Liip designed and implemented a new web platform together with pharmaSuisse, the Swiss Pharmacists Association. The solution comprises three website instances, a headless frontend, and was based on the open-source CMS Drupal. By taking this step from an individual solution to a standardised, scalable platform, pharmaSuisse has managed to simplify various processes with its partners and members. During onboarding, more than 2,000 members were welcomed to the new platform within 24 hours.

Liip sincerely congratulates Arosa Tourismus on being named the Master of Swiss Web 24.