Interactive support for young people looking for an apprenticeship

  • Anina Angehrn

The Migros Group is the biggest apprentice trainer in Switzerland. Every year, around 3800 apprentices start their training on one of over 60 apprenticeship courses. The Apprenticeship Hub provides young people with the foundation they need to find the right apprenticeship for them.

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Who can understand this target group better than the target group themselves? This is why the whole concept is based on being made ‘by apprentices, for apprentices’, and it offers a diverse range of perspectives and information. This core principle was followed consistently throughout the project. The Migros Group’s new vocational training platform also made sure to keep the target group in mind throughout while implementing its functions and content design. It started with generating content, making sure this always comes from the target group itself and meaning that both on-site and off-site communications (campaigning) really speak to the 14- to 17-year-old target group, and have the intended result. It was also key to remember that these digital natives primarily use mobile devices. So we started with the mobile platform, creating a modern, target-group-oriented hub for use on mobile phones.

Real perspectives thanks to crowdsourcing

The insights gained from working closely with real apprentices influenced the entire design, including defining the needs der Chatbot and other features such as Talent Matcher would need to meet. The tone of the platform was developed directly with the target group in workshops and feedback loops in order to ensure the design and content would do justice to the employer's brand as well as the needs of the target group. As part of the campaign production process, Migros Group apprentices also became the camera people themselves, using clips of their work day to tell their peers more about their apprenticeships in a way that would be appealing to them and giving prospective apprentices first-hand and first-person-view insights into what being an apprentice can look like. This makes for visually powerful, engaging content. You can view three of the films made here:

Job profile rund-up
Food and quality assurance
Design and printing

Content that meets diversity and stringency needs

New perspectives are shown in more than 100 clips shot by over 100 camera people: for this employer branding campaign for current and new Migros Group apprentices, everything was filmed by the apprentices themselves, with some assistance from the film team, using a head-mounted camera rig. Using first-person view and dynamic match cuts, a day in the life of an apprentice is shown by the target group, for the target group, and in a new and exciting way. Viewers will also briefly meet our sidekick – Mino the T-rex – in the films, a companion who can be found in the Apprenticeship Hub in videos and within features, and who guides users throughout the entire process. By keeping the perspective consistent in the more than 100 clips, new versions of the video can be generated from the content pool and tailored to the particular purpose of the video and the group of apprentices being targeted. Ten films of different apprentice groups and a general film with more than 30 cut-down versions were made for the campaign launch using this method.

Comprehensive guidance and integrating the user

From joining the Engagement Hub to finding the right apprenticeship, prospective apprentices are supported and integrated into the process using interactive means: at whatever stage future apprentices begin their the user journey, they receive assistance quickly and in a way that is appropriate for them, and are given valuable support to help them on their way.

User-generated content as a basis, even before the launch

Before launching the platform, an internal mobilisation campaign was launched with a call to ‘Show us your perspective’. The current Migros Group apprentices sent in their first-person-view pictures, which created the initial spark for the core principle of the project. This required the involvement of young people all across Switzerland – and the results speak for themselves.

Not moving forwards is moving backwards

The digital world is spinning faster than ever. To make sure young people come back to your website, having new content, new tools and new user insights are essential. This is why we are developing a trial apprenticeship finder and an application coach.

Effectiveness and return on investment

The campaign videos alone have generated over half a million views since the campaign launched in August 2019. In the period that was most relevant for those looking for apprenticeships – the first 90 days after the go-live – the Engagement Hub recorded 18,584 sessions and 15,409 users, and that in a very small target group of just under 80,000 young people who were looking for an apprenticeship in Switzerland in 2019. When looking at the devices used, the decision to focus on mobiles first was justified, with 64% accessing the platform on mobiles, 4% on tablets and 32% on desktop computers.

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