Virtual company conferences - a gift to all of us

  • Jenny Zehnder

Secret Santa came to Liip this year. In the gift bag, there was a virtual conference with 120 participants, a lot of business topics, fun, party and Christmas carols.

What we’ve done

This year is different for all of us. Even though we got used to working remotely after that many months, Liipers would prefer to meet in person. Nonetheless, we switched our yearly LiipConf, where we focus on ourselves and internal topics to an online conference. A digital agency can struggle with digital set-ups too. The first video conferencing tool didn’t work out the way it was planned, so we switched. Within 10 minutes a different tool to host the conference was found, and we nevertheless started the sessions on time. Every Liiper can propose sessions which we tackled in 45-minute dialogues, workshops, discussion rounds, lean coffees or whatever format the Liiper hosting it likes. Yesterday's sessions covered a huge spectrum from OKRs, leverage open source contributions, Alpine JS to employee representatives and what we want to be as a company. 17 sessions happened in a little over three hours.

Why all of this

As a company spread all over Switzerland, with 6 locations, it is amazing to get all of us together for one day - normally in one place. It helps us to spend quality time together, work on topics there is no time for in our daily business and have fun. Here are some of the highlights Liiper reported about::

Our highlights

  • The experience of "walking around" in and chatting with people
  • Last minute change of the conference tool and still starting all the talks on time
  • Tech Talks
  • OKRs Workshop
  • Secret Santa gifts
  • Christmas carols karaoke in a Google meet chat with 90 Liipers
  • Hanging around until 2am - like it’s 2019 ;)
  • Seeing people, we haven't seen in ages
  • The fact that despite being virtual, we shared a strong connection to each other — outside our usual business roles, but just as charming group of people
  • Evelinn Trouble

The fun part

Parties are what we do too! This year is a little different. First there was secret Santa —were Liipers gifted each other in the most digital way possible… The solution to that is a slack-bot ;) And once all the Liipers got their secret Santa, the run for free, creative, presents in a physical or digital form started. In the evening we “unwrapped” our presents together. Liipers were so creative in crafting and sharing their digital gifts. But of course, there are lazy secret Santas at Liip too, that’s when we all had to sing a Christmas song together. Yes, 90 people singing jingle bells was one of the highlights too.
And that’s not all...there was a concert for us as well. Evelinn Trouble played a live Christmas concert for us and everyone else that wanted to listen. Are you curious? Watch it on youtube!

The different sessions were recorded. Most of them are for internal use. But, there is one particular session that we enjoyed a lot and which we are happy to share with you –— its pure infotainment:

Sag uns was du denkst