Busy February Evenings at the Liip Zurich Office

  • Christian Stocker

Liip is hosting 4 community events in February at the still shiny Zurich Office. One was already yesterday, the Webmontag with Jani Penttinen from Xiha Life and our very own Hannes Gassert as speakers.

The next event will be today, the traditional Webtuesday. This time with Patrice Neff from Nektoon about “ Big tour of Python and its web development suite”

Then a week later, Tuesday 17th February, the Swiss Flash User Group meeting with two presentations: “Cocomo – Socializing your RIA ” by Tiago Dias and “SwitchCast Cutting Tool” by Rafael Beck

And for the first time ever, the swiss.py, a Swiss Python user group meets at the Liip Office. On Tuesday 24th February. Uche Mennel is talking about “An approach to GUI development with Python”

Community Meetings are always interesting, entertaining and fun and it's a honor for us to host them. Hope to see you at some of them. And if not, they are certainly not the last ones at Feldstrasse :)

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