Moodle SaaS

Your challenge

Are you convinced that Moodle is the perfect solution for your LMS but you’re not quite sure how to install it? Furthermore, you do not want to have to worry about updates, hosting and backups. Would you like an experienced partner to help you along the way?

Our solution

Our Moodle SaaS offers all-round worry-free packages that provide the following:

  • Hosting in Switzerland,
  • Free SSL from LetsEncrypt,
  • Production and Staging Server,
  • 5 Security Updates per Year,
  • 1 Major Update per Year,
  • Backup & Monitoring,
  • Pricing in relation to the active users.

Our SaaS packages

Our packages are suited to your needs, according to your required storage and number of active users.

Discover our packages and order now.