Programming languages

What it’s all about

Untranslated, a computer would say 01000001, 01000010 and 01000011 instead of A, B and C. The binary system ultimately forms the foundation of every programming language. But countless language variants have been created since the beginning of the information era. And just as human languages have evolved in different contexts, so have their programming counterparts.

In other words, not every programming language is suitable for every application. For example, the system used in a smartwatch has to meet different requirements to the one used in a video game: the computer on your wrist needs to be as small as possible, whilst the main aim for a gaming console’s processor is speed.

We identify the best language for every task, for your website or your app, so that you are not just left with a string of zeros and ones.

What you get

Highly motivated, talented programming language experts with your goals as their focus – that is what you will get from us. Do you need a new website? An innovative mobile app? A user-friendly online shop? A complex business application? We speak more programming languages than we do native languages – and at an equally high level. We could tackle PHP, Ruby, Python or JavaScript in our sleep, but we are always on alert. We have many years of experience in the field and know the perfect dialect for your personal solution and will pack all of this into suitable frameworks for you. That's how we take your product to the next level in a language.

Good to know

Language is a good communication method – whether between two people or between a person and a computer. Programming languages allow us to communicate with machines in a way that can be understood. And ultimately, the same principle applies here as for a spoken conversation: the focus is not on the language itself but rather on what is being said.

Translated into web application development, this means that if the system architecture is well-thought-out and the application is flexibly designed with the future in mind, nothing stands in the way of communication between humans and machines. Our user experience and the web application frameworks we use meet these requirements. They allow us to continually speed up the development even further to present you a solution as quickly as possible.