Modern Web Applications

What it’s all about

Why complicate things when they could be simple? That’s our motto for developing modern web applications.

We are fluent in many programming languages, but we also build on already tried-and-tested frameworks to develop fast, stable solutions. Frameworks help to ensure that we do not have to reinvent the wheel every time we start programming. Among a virtually endless supply of technologies, with more appearing every day, our experts choose the tool suited best to the particular task at hand and meets your application’s needs.

What you get

We can provide you with experts, team players and interdisciplinary collaborations. Our teams are constantly expanding their knowledge, whether through training or by discussing their experiences and best practices with colleagues. Together we will turn your idea into a finished product. Do you need a new content management system? Or do you want to improve your online shop?

We develop web applications that are secure, flexible, and available anywhere and at any time. In order to choose the most suitable technology for your application, in we analyse the framework based on the requirements and the environment it will be used in. Our front end, back end and middleware solutions are state of the art using cutting-edge technology. We provide you with a high-performance architecture covering all areas of your application. Our solutions are scalable and integrate perfectly with each other.

But do you always need to have the trendiest solution? Or will another tried-and-tested version do just as well? We will honestly tell you what we think is the best option for you.

Good to know

If you are lost in the sea of buzzwords? Then it’s time to present your web application idea to us. We spend every day working with Javascript-based frameworks such as Vue.js, React and Angular – and we love it. These are the frameworks we use, to create the front ends for the majority of our customers’ web applications.

The back ends of our digital solutions run on Symfony, Laravel, Django or node.js. These are all tried-and-tested technologies offering a wide range of development options.

Did you know that modern front-end frameworks allow you to unshackle yourself from the monitor and quickly transform websites into progressive web apps (PWAs)? A PWA is a mixture of website and app, offering the best of both worlds. Last but not least, all the technologies we use are open source, of course.