Zurich Symfony Live Hub

  • Lukas Kahwe Smith

 Recently Fabien announced an online conference to present the current state of Symfony 2. I quickly signed up and told Jordi who was just about to sign up himself. I figured there surely are more guys at Liip that want to join, so I send a mail to our internal developer list. Next someone suggested opening the entire thing up to the world. So I fired off an email to Fabien and we agreed that this would be an awesome way to get the social aspect into this online event. A few mails later we decided that it would be fair to ask such hub's to buy 5 tickets (not that anyone will check this, but hey lets play fair if we want stuff like this to happen again). Fellow Liiper Pierre wrote up a blog post that Fabien then published as the official Symfony Live Hub announcement.

So what was missing? Yeah, I didn't do my job to announce our Zurich hub! Here it is: We decided to go with the evening of the 23rd. The fun officially starts at 17:00, but feel free to start dropping by any time after 16:30. I managed to get a small budget to provide some food and drinks.

Feel free to leave a comment if you plan to come so that we know how many chairs to setup.

See you there!

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