zh.phpug.ch meeting tomorrow tuesday

  • Christian Stocker

Just a reminder and I'm too lazy to write something by myself, so I just copy Harry's mail (and everyone's still welcome):

Hi All,

Apologies for filling inboxes (and apologies for
English) - just a reminder that tomorrow this is

 <a href="http://zh.phpug.ch/meetings/20060314">zh.phpug.ch/meetings/20060314</a>

A rough "agenda" is looking like this;

* 18:30 kick off at Bitflux HQ -
 <a href="http://zh.phpug.ch/locations/bitflux">zh.phpug.ch/locations/bitflux</a>
(32 and 31 bus stops outside)

* PHP Security Primer talk - some paranoia to start
  evening ~ 45 minutes

* Prizes! Quizmaster Maarten giving away copies of
  Ubuntu Linux to the quickest

* Ideas for expanding the topic - Esther's good idea
  ( <a href="http://zh.phpug.ch/meetings/request">zh.phpug.ch/meetings/request</a>) - there's
  more to life than PHP - suggestions welcomed

* Around 20:00 - drinks -
  <a href="http://zh.phpug.ch/locations/rossis">zh.phpug.ch/locations/rossis</a> - it's
  right next door to Bitflux


There's a couple of things we need some help with;

- A beamer - turns out the one we wanted to use is
  unavailable. If anyone has one, please bring along.

- Chairs - theres more people than expected and only
 ten chairs. If you're coming by car, bring a chair.
 Better yet, if you have time and vehicle, Maarten
 has 5 chairs available but needs help getting them
 there. Otherwise, the first point on the agenda with
 be a round of musical chairs
 ( <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Musical_Chairs">en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Musical_Chairs</a>)

Thanks and hope to see you there,


I didn't count the chairs we can get a hand on tomorrow, but you can come “unannounced”, even if you don't bring a chair :) And if you come by car, much luck in finding a parking space :)

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