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  • Yves Bertrand

Wohnmacher AG has been providing bespoke and high-quality residential joinery for more than a decade. When it decided to update and refresh its online presence, Wohnmacher called on Liip, who had developed the joinery’s two previous websites.

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Liip helped Wohnmacher AG develop a brand-new, fresh and clean web design, with a neater structure and easier navigation. Customers can quickly find and view examples of firm’s work and arrange a face-to-face appointment with a member of the Wohnmacher team.

Accessible anytime, anywhere

Using Drupal, Liip has made the new website responsive, which means it can be accessed on desktops, tablets and smartphones.

Liip AG

«It was amazing – the project went off without a hitch. Wohnmacher AG was a highly-interested, well-prepared and appreciative client, who fully engaged with the project from the outset and loved the end result.»
Project Owner

Wohnmacher AG

«We got exactly what we wanted: a user-friendly, appealing, informative and streamlined website. During our discussions, we were really impressed with the ability of the Liip team to decipher and distil the information we wanted to communicate via our website. They were also extremely good at thinking like a customer and very quickly understood the kind of look we were after. The project ran smoothly and the site went live much sooner than we had anticipated. So far, we have had nothing but positive feedback from our customers and from visitors to our site.»
Barbara Andrey, Marketing and administration

Wohnmacher AG

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