Whoever wins the Swiss Blog Awards

  • Christian Stocker

… next Friday at the Swiss Blog Awards, some already lost, at least their credibility IMHO. After I published my response to the infamous open letter from yesterday, there were of course some comments to it (scroll down on the open letter post). One of which by Emma:

et il insiste avec son anglais en plus, même pas de traduction allemand ou français !!! c'est gavant et encore plus outrageant ! ils nous prend vraiment pour des crétins…

FCS, I always write in English here on this blog, even if it is really Swiss related, since a lot of my readers don't know german and wouldn't even know, what I write about (and they're maybe interested in Swiss related stuff too..). Actually I don't even have to justify myself, this is my blog and I write in whatever language I please to, I'm not “Le conseil fédéral”, somehow subsidized by government money or someone else.

If that's too hard to understand for the “minority-protection-police”, then we maybe live really in different countries (and I really didn't know, that we from “outre-Sarine” are a so lovely hateble target, but hey, I just live in Zurich, so it looks like I'm classified as arrogant enough to not have realized that :) )

PS. I did answer in German to Emma's comment, which wasn't right either, of course. But believe me, my French writing capabilities are sooo bad, you wouldn't have understood anything at all. And on the other hand, the open letter came in French only, too (but fortunately “parsing” French is easier than writing it, so I could at least understand, what they were complaining about…)

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