Symfony Day

  • Lukas Kahwe Smith

So last week I went to Symfony Day. All the other Liipers where having fun at Herbstausflug, but my recently operated knee appreciated the more intellectual alternative to having fun. The conference was amazingly affordable for such a nice location. Food and drink were also included, though the Wifi was a bit flaky. The line up was also quite impressive with Jon and Kris coming all the way to the US for the event. Fabien also gave another talk in his “The state of Symfony2” series.

Admittedly ever since we decided to go with Symfony2 on my current project, my interest in symfony 1.x is fading. So I guess it was great that most of the talks were relevant for Symfony2 developers with the exception of Kris's talk. I should add though that it was still kind of impressive how much flexibility Kris is able to squeeze out of symfony 1.4.

I of course enjoyed all the chatting in between talks though I think the breaks between talks were a bit too long. I also finally met  Christian in person, who is helping me out with some advanced form magic for the admin tool.

The next day many of us met up again at Interlutions for another Symfony CMF meet-up. We had quite a large number of people, but managed to really push things forward quite a bit. The notes from the meeting are available in the wiki. Checkout the recent discussions on the mailinglist if you are interested. If you want to join: The Time is Now!

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