Following the Symfony Day Cologne 2011, we will do a hackday on the Symfony Content Management Framework in Cologne, Germany. Interlutions kindly provides room for the hackday. We will start on Saturday October 22nd, at 10 a.m. and hack until they have to throw us out (or we decide to leave of our own accord). We will discuss the progress of the efforts to implement things and update the roadmap, then hack along on the various topics.

If you know you will be there, please sign up in the CMF Wiki. If you just drop in spontaneously, its ok too of course.

For those not following the mailing list closely, i try to summerize the current state:

  • Menu and navigation: There is work in progess on the MenuBundle and the ChainRoutingBundle that are part of the symfony-cmf repository.
  • Editor: At Liip, we started to implement Frontend Editing with VIE this week.
  • Tree and PHPCR browser: Ideato started working on a TreeBundle and the PhpcrBrowserBundle [note that the browser repository will probably be renamed at some point and the link will change]
  • Admin Backend: Help wanted
  • Asset Management: Help wanted
  • and some more, see the Roadmap

Hope to see you in cologne or read you on the mailinglist symfony-cmf-devs.