Swiss Blogger Meeting

  • Christian Stocker

The 4th (if I counted correctly) Swiss Blogger Meeting is over. It was great and I met a lot of new people only knowing from their blog names before. Matthias did a little roundup of the evening.

The topics were divers, from copyright issues and the revision of the Urheberrechtsgesetz to Creative Commons Switzerland, meeting people I knew but couldn't tell from where (it was a

mouthwateringboombox joint event most presumably at the ars electronica in Linz), talking about the upcoming Swiss Blog Awards and enhancing with new features like pings and geolocation data, videoblogging and moblogging with automated geodata, the name change of LOTS to fossdays and their future direction, and last but not least, exchanging tips for bash on OS


That certainly was not all, but that's what I remember just know ;)

Thanks to Matthias and Alex for organising it, ideas for the next one are already up, maybe it will be a little bbq to overcome the “too long table to talk with all people” problem.

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