rokka got some new features

  • Christian Stocker

Rokka – our image storage and delivery service, got quite some new features lately, thanks also to feedback from our users. Here's a list of the visible stuff we did.

Brandnew this week

  • autoformat. A new stack option. If set, rokka will return WebP, if the client supports it and a PNG or JPEG was requested, resulting in smaller images.
  • dpr. Device Pixel Ratio. Another new stack option. If set, returns higher resolution images, useful for <img srcset="" /> for example.
  • Width or height are finally optional in the resize operation.
  • The WordPress plugin got some improvements.
  • Work for a Drupal 8 module and a Kirby plugin are under way.
  • General improvements in performance, failover cases and small bugfixes.

In the last few weeks

Even older

Near future

  • The next big feature will almost certainly be a way to just let rokka fetch pictures from your origin automatically the first time they are requested. Details are to be figured out, but this will make getting started with rokka much easier.
  • Tell us, what you miss. We're happy to listen to you.

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