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  • Marianne Schild - the fight against doping gets a new look. Read all about the relaunch here.

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As an employee, mother and active political voice, I have very little time left to play sport, even though I love it. I was therefore all the more pleased that the Antidoping Switzerland foundation chose to work with us once again by making us their partner for their website relaunch.
What is the Antidoping Switzerland foundation? Antidoping Switzerland is committed to cleaning up the sporting world and combating doping in sport. It has had a major impact on competitive sport in Switzerland via doping tests, investigations, doping prevention, applied research and international collaborations with other anti-doping organisations. They are also the only body to publish a list of banned athletes, which they do on behalf of the Swiss Federal Office of Sport and Swiss Olympics.
If a website is more than four years old, we recommend that our customers use a relaunch as an opportunity for a redesign. This greenfield approach has numerous benefits. Four years is a long time in the digital age. The software used will have changed significantly during this period and new tools will now be available, often making a complete relaunch the more affordable option. In addition, many website operators need to tidy up their content. And last but not least, the majority are also longing for a fresh new design.

The Antidoping Switzerland foundation opted to develop a new website using Drupal 8 and to include a new design. We began by redefining and prioritising use cases. The new website needed to appeal to users in a way tailored to their requirements – whether they were athletes, trainers, doctors, lawyers or other people in the sporting world. Antidoping Switzerland has a government mandate and is a supervisory body. It has been commissioned to help athletes stay clean. The vast majority of athletes have absolutely no intention of breaking anti-doping regulations. These regulations change every year, which does not make it any easier to do the right thing. Nutritional supplements are a key area that young people need to be aware of. Many do not know that shakes like these can contain prohibited substances.

The website is lean, responsive and user-centric. The medication inquiry service remains prominent and helps athletes identify whether or not they can happily take a particular medication. Another of Antidoping Switzerland’s aims was to reduce enquiries about exemptions for therapeutic purposes (once again regarding substances). To do so, we designed a simple, self-explanatory electronic wizard that guides the user from question to question. This works like a chatbot.

We are all delighted about the new website. Jonas Personeni, Antidoping Switzerland’s project manager, said of the successful collaboration: ‘The collaboration with the innovative and dynamic project team was very gratifying. Our concerns were always handled quickly, straightforwardly and professionally. In Liip, we have found a reliable and flexible partner that ensures top quality.’

Take a look at the new and stay clean.

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