Simplified Raiffeisen login

  • Andrea Meyer

The new Raiffeisen login facilitates the use of Raiffeisen online offers. With the central login, bank customers can find their information quickly and easily.

Simplified user guidance through central login
Registration for Raiffeisen customers has been very easy since April 2018: Registration at now includes login to the Raiffeisen newsletter, MemberPlus portal and the Piazza app. The strategy was an all-in-one login.

With 5 subprojects to the new solution
Within 10 months, the Liip team in close cooperation with Raiffeisen implemented the new central login as Single Sign On.
In the subprojects we resolved all dependencies: The newsletter administration and registration have now been revised, the customer service center has a new support tool and the connection to MemberPlus is new and integrated in the Piazza app.

Technologically up to date
In the 13-month project - which included the conception and implementation - we brought the login solution up to date technologically: The front-end implementation is based on Angular 5 and PHP technology. The upgrade to Symfony 3.4 was used and the deployment was done via Open Shift.
Despite the technical complexity, the Go Live was very successful at the end of April and no error was found.

Close cooperation in one team
Liip's focus was the front-end, while Raiffeisen focused on the back-end.
The extensive work was tackled in a joint Scrum team: Raiffeisen took over the Product Owner role and Liip the ScrumMaster, the developers came from both companies.
The newsletter as a smaller sub-project was implemented in support mode with Kanban, again with Raiffeisen as story owner.

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