PHP family meeting at FrOSCon

  • Lukas Kahwe Smith

FrOSCon is one of those conference close by that I have missed attending for many years, mostly because its on the weekend and especially during the summer my weekends are reserved for ultimate frisbee. Well this year I set my priorities straight to finally be able to attend this conference. As it turns out this is one well organized conference even with free cake for speakers :)

Hanging out with the PHP family

Of course with this title I am selling the event short, since it actually brings together the entire open source community. More importantly its not just software but there are also lots of hardware hackers with booths. So I did stroll past all the booths peeking a bit at what people are up to. However I must admit I ended up mostly hanging out with the PHP folks. Of course it was mostly developers (many of which brought their significant other with them) from Germany but I was also thrilled to once again meet Derick and finally personally met Mathias in person. I have been very intrigued by his posts about domain driven design (DDD) and his presentation was quite inspiring.

Symfony2 REST

On Saturday I was asked if I could cover for Gordon who has submitted a talk on his Symfony2 REST Edition. At first I thought I would just show my normal REST examples but about 20 minutes before the talk I decided, why not just install Gordon's examples instead? Its kind of amazing how github, composer and Symfony2 make it possible for me to just pull down this code that I had previously only looked over briefly a few months before and give a talk on it. But I think its worked quite ok. Of course I spiced things up with a few of my examples to show the different tools provided by FOSRestBundle, NelmioApiBundle, JMSSerializerBundle and FSCHateosBundle (soon to be replaced by the BazinghaHateoasBundle).

Symfony2 CMF

I gave a presentation on the CMF initiative. I had hoped to already be speaking about a stable release but we are still putting the finishing touches on a few details there (namely image uploading and a rewrite of the PHPCR ODM QueryBuilder). However there is of course a lot of other things to show and concepts to explain. And as always there is quite a few people interested but two or three people that really feel the pain of todays CMS solutions and are totally excited.

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